Vacances de postes

Date of submission: Before 1st March 2009 

Job description

Compilation of three (3) new folders on emerging S&T issues for existing dossiers (S&T in Perspective; Demanding Innovation; Enhancing the S&T Policy Dialogue). One folder will be prepared for each dossier and provided in English and French. More specifically, each folder will include:

   Ø      An introduction of 150 words;
   Ø      Two lead articles of at least 1,500 words each written by ACP and/or EU scientists, policy makers, and other stakeholders in the relevant subject area;
   Ø       Extensive background reference Web resources of published documents obtained from ACP, EU and other international institutional websites on relevant topic. The background documents and related websites for each information folder should provide a detailed review of the state-of-the-art, an assessment of trends, the importance / relevance for S&T decision-making, as well as specific suggestions for the future, including capacity building to facilitate uptake and innovation. Each relevant document and link should be accompanied by brief annotations (100 words minimum) highlighting the main features of the publication or the related website. A minimum of 20 documents and 30 links should be provided per folder.
   Ø      New lead articles for three (3) existing folders should be delivering. To do so, they will have to identify ACP and/or EU authors with a well-known expertise in the relevant subject area, commission the articles, translate them into either English or French and edit the English and French texts.

Expertise / Experience
   Ø      Ability to assign a team of experts / scientists who can address the diversity of science and technology issues related to ACP agricultural and rural development. The team leader must have a postgraduate degree and at least 10-15 years of experience in mobilizing expert teams of researchers / scientists and policy analysts. Other team members must have at least an MSc degree and related experience.
   Ø      Ability to access a wide range of reference material on any given topic and bring different perspectives on a specific issue.
   Ø      Sound experience in sourcing and synthesizing scientific/technical information
   Ø      Excellent written communication skills and a proven experience in science communication.
   Ø      Ability to meet deadlines in the delivery of products and services.
   Ø      Ability to provide bi-lingual translation services and edit English and French texts.
   Ø      Ability to mobilize a network of experts from within Europe and the six ACP regions to prepare articles. 

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